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England Eastman Kent Archangeli genealogy family history


My name is Robyn (EASTMAN) ENGLAND ... that's me on the right ... and this is the history of my family. I began my genealogy research in March of 1999. Most of the information I have obtained has been given to me by family members and distant cousins. Some I have found on the Internet. I am in the process of verifying all of the information I have and of finding even more.

I really enjoy working with old family photographs that I have been lucky enough to come across. My Dad (Wayne EASTMAN) has helped me tremendously in this area and he was also kind enough to give me all of the old pictures he had from his side of the family. The other photographs have been collected from various family members and from cousins I have met on the Internet.

Please browse around as long as you like. Perhaps we are related! Have fun looking through all of the photos. Many of them are well over 100 years old! If you have any pictures that may interest me, please let me know. I am always looking for more family pictures (past and present)! I would love to hear from you so please contact me with any comments, questions, or if you would just like to discuss how we might be related.

Don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave! Also, feel free to download my GEDCOM file. All personal information of living relatives has been deleted from the file to protect their privacy. The GEDCOM will come through as a "zip" file. If you don't have a program to decompress it, click the following link to download the latest version of Winzip for free.





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